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What Is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?


The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is a coordinated, team-based approach to delivering your health care services.


PCMH is a model of care that strengthens the physician-patient relationship. You will be encouraged to establish a relationship with a primary care physician. Your physician

will lead a team of clinicians that are collectively responsible for providing for your

health care needs and arranging for appropriate care with other qualified

clinicians and/or specialists. This model results in more personalized,

coordinated, effective and efficient care.


An accomplished medical home environment provides:

  • Improved access to care

  • Use of an electronic health record

  • Managed care for chronic illness and preventive

       screening services

How We Are Improving Your Care


Evening and weekend services

Because we know illnesses often don't begin during

traditional office hours, we offer  extended evening

and weekend hours for your convenience. 


After-hours care

If you need medical advice after clinic hours, you can call our on-call

nurses at (317) 536-1731 for guidance regarding treatment options or when

to seek urgent or emergency care. 


Partnership with patients and community for improvement

We are always striving to improve and invite our patients and their families to share their ideas and opinions.  Feel free to leave us comments on our message submission box at the bottom of this page!


Care Coordination

Our primary care physicians are the hub of all relevant care needs of the patient and manage a team of care coordinators and other non-physician providers that not only coordinate care within the walls of our patient's homes, but seamlessly transfer patients across multiple entities that may include community care, labs, specialists and hospitals.


Evidence-Based Care

Your provider will help you consider options based on scientific evidence.

  • For example, your provider may suggest screening tests recommended by the United States Preventive Services Task Force.

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